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About this course: This self-directed online course will help you learn all the elements of your role as a Board Member. This training is ideal for new board members and people looking for a detailed dive into the responsibilities, roles and duties of a board member and how boards work. Through examples, case studies, videos and more, the course explores how to work effectively on the board, fiduciary duty, legal obligation, liability, strategic planning, and board recruitment and growth.

Format: Self-directed and self-paced online modules, brief videos and additional resources, start anytime and get access for one year! Certificate provided upon completion.

Duration: 2.5-5 hours (pause and continue anytime - your progress is saved)

Course fee: $99 for one-year access

About this course: In this self-directed course, you’ll learn about non-profit organizations and why they need Boards of Directors, plus the responsibilities of board members, legal aspects of getting involved, benefits, and how to determine and find the right role and organization for you. 

Format: Self-directed and self-paced online modules and resources, start anytime! Certificate provided upon completion.

Duration: 1-2 hours (pause and continue anytime - your progress is saved)

Course fee: $35

In today's dynamic philanthropic landscape, diversification is the key to sustainability, and this requires clear intentions and plans that can be sustained over the long term. The Diversifying Your Donor Base interactive webinar is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the challenges and harness the value of diversifying your donor base. With a focus on anti-oppressive fundraising principles, this learning session will guide you through the five core steps essential to developing and executing a successful fundraising diversification plan.

During this pre-recorded webinar, we delve into each of the five vital steps in diversifying your donor base: setting clear goals, getting buy-in, making a compelling ask, providing insight, and maintaining momentum. In addition to the practical steps, this webinar places a strong emphasis on anti-oppressive fundraising practices recognizing the importance of building more authentic relationships with donors, stakeholders, and communities. By integrating anti-oppressive principles into your fundraising strategies, you'll not only diversify your donor base but also foster a culture of inclusivity and equity within your organization.

Webinar Recorded February 7th, 2024

Cost: $45