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  • Lesson 1: Retention, Motivation, Cultivating Feedback, Surveys, Assessments, Online Criticism and Burnout
  • Lesson 2: Recognition, Adapting to Virtual, Sincerity, Impact Statements, Ideas, Resume Builders and Organizational Promotion 

  • Lesson 1: Virtual Orientation: Before, During and After an Online Orientation Session
  • Lesson 2: Virtual Training: Mandated Trainings, Ongoing Training, Training as a Benefit, Ensuring Results, Training for Strong Reporting

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to technology and its basic uses in volunteer programs
  • Lesson 2: Social media platforms, for recruitment, networking and telling volunteer stories
  • Lesson 3: Communication tools; newsletters, video, and blogs. How communication tools can assist in screening, recognition and all aspects of volunteer management
  • Lesson 4: Knowledge management technology, task management, collaboration, data collection, training and evaluation

  • Lesson 1: Planning for Virtual Risks, Online Applications, Data and Privacy with a case study from the organization the Together Project to demonstrate how to minimize virtual risk
  • Lesson 2: Virtual Applicant Assessment and Online Interviews with a case study from the organization the Together Project on how to screen and assess virtual candidates

  • Lesson 1: Virtual Role Descriptions; designing volunteer roles, micro-volunteering, cause-based virtual volunteering, skills based virtual volunteering, and a checklist for virtual volunteer role descriptions
  • Lesson 2: Virtual Recruitment; attracting youth, seniors and newcomers to virtual spaces, optimizing your website, social media channels, virtual volunteering and inclusion, Ontario Human Rights Code, and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

Lesson 1: Convincing stakeholders on benefits of virtual volunteering, planning your communication channels, tracking, and policy and security considerations.